Films de Enzo Rossi

True Romance
  • True Romance (1993)
  • Action, Thriller, Crime, Romance
  • Clarence marries hooker Alabama, steals cocaine from her pimp, and tries to sell it in Hollywood, while the owners of the coke try to reclaim it.
  • Bande annonce  
True Romance 1993
Beyond Rangoon
  • Beyond Rangoon (1995)
  • Drama, Thriller
  • Patricia Arquette stars as American widow Laura Bowman, a young doctor who's unwittingly drawn into political turmoil while vacationing in Burma in the late 1980s, in this fictionalized drama based on actual events. Bowman initially left San Francisco with her sister (Frances McDormand) in an attempt to escape painful memories of her husband and son's violent deaths. But her fight to escape to Thailand could prove just as harrowing.
  • Bande annonce  
Beyond Rangoon 1995
La Patata Bollente
  • La Patata Bollente (1979)
  • Comedy
  • A factory worker known for his tough attitude and for fighting for workers' rights starts losing credibility when friends and co-workers see him helping a young gay man.
  • Bande annonce  
La Patata Bollente 1979