Films de Ned Bellamy

The Shawshank Redemption
  • The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
  • Drama, Crime
  • Framed in the 1940s for the double murder of his wife and her lover, upstanding banker Andy Dufresne begins a new life at the Shawshank prison, where he puts his accounting skills to work for an amoral warden. During his long stretch in prison, Dufresne comes to be admired by the other inmates -- including an older prisoner named Red -- for his integrity and unquenchable sense of hope.
  • Bande annonce  
The Shawshank Redemption 1994
Django Unchained
  • Django Unchained (2012)
  • Drama, Western
  • With the help of a German bounty hunter, a freed slave sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner.
  • Bande annonce  
Django Unchained 2012
  • Saw (2004)
  • Horror, Mystery, Crime
  • Obsessed with teaching his victims the value of life, a deranged, sadistic serial killer abducts the morally wayward. Once captured, they must face impossible choices in a horrific game of survival. The victims must fight to win their lives back, or die trying...
  • Bande annonce  
Saw 2004
Con Air
  • Con Air (1997)
  • Action, Thriller, Crime
  • When the government puts all its rotten criminal eggs in one airborne basket, it's asking for trouble. Before you can say, "Pass the barf bag," the crooks control the plane, led by creepy Cyrus "The Virus" Grissom. Watching his every move is the just-released Cameron Poe, who'd rather reunite with his family.
  • Bande annonce  
Con Air 1997
Ed Wood
  • Ed Wood (1994)
  • Comedy, Drama, History
  • The mostly true story of the legendary "worst director of all time", who, with the help of his strange friends, filmed countless B-movies without ever becoming famous or successful.
  • Bande annonce  
Ed Wood 1994
Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny
  • Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny (2006)
  • Comedy, Music
  • In Venice Beach, naive Midwesterner JB bonds with local slacker KG and they form the rock band Tenacious D. Setting out to become the world's greatest band is no easy feat, so they set out to steal what could be the answer to their prayers... a magical guitar pick housed in a rock-and-roll museum some 300 miles away.
  • Bande annonce  
Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny 2006
The Ice Harvest
  • The Ice Harvest (2005)
  • Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • A shady lawyer attempts a Christmas Eve crime, hoping to swindle the local mob out of some money. But his partner, a strip club owner, might have different plans for the cash.
  • Bande annonce  
The Ice Harvest 2005
Wind Chill
  • Wind Chill (2007)
  • Drama, Horror, Thriller
  • Two college students share a ride home for the holidays. When they break down on a deserted stretch of road, they're preyed upon by the ghosts of people who have died there.
  • Bande annonce  
Wind Chill 2007
Universal Soldier
  • Universal Soldier (1992)
  • Thriller, Action, Science Fiction, Crime
  • An American soldier who had been killed during the Vietnam War is revived 25 years later by the military as a semi-android, UniSols, a high-tech soldier of the future. After the failure of the initiative to erase all the soldier's memories, he begins to experience flashbacks that are forcing him to recall his past.
  • Bande annonce  
Universal Soldier 1992
Mystery Men
  • Mystery Men (1999)
  • Adventure, Fantasy, Action, Comedy, Science Fiction
  • When Captain Amazing (Kinnear) is kidnapped by Casanova Frankenstein (Rush) a group of superheroes combine together to create a plan. But these aren't normal superheroes. Now, the group who include such heroes as Mr. Furious (Stiller), The Shoveller (Macy) and The Blue Raja (Azaria) must put all the powers together to save everyone they know and love.
  • Bande annonce  
Mystery Men 1999
The Contract
  • The Contract (2006)
  • Drama, Action, Thriller, Crime
  • Attempting to recover from a recent family trauma by escaping into the woods for a peaceful hiking trip, an ex-lawman and his young son stumble across a dangerous contract killer.
  • Bande annonce  
The Contract 2006
  • Antitrust (2001)
  • Action, Crime, Drama
  • A computer programmer's dream job at a hot Portland-based firm turns nightmarish when he discovers his boss has a secret and ruthless means of dispatching anti-trust problems.
  • Bande annonce  
Antitrust 2001
The Paperboy
  • The Paperboy (2012)
  • Thriller
  • A reporter returns to his Florida hometown to investigate a case involving a death row inmate.
  • Bande annonce  
The Paperboy 2012
  • Takedown (2000)
  • Action, Thriller
  • Kevin Mitnick is quite possibly the best hacker in the world. Hunting for more and more information, seeking more and more cyber-trophies every day, he constantly looks for bigger challenges. When he breaks into the computer of a security expert and an ex-hacker, he finds one - and much more than that...
  • Bande annonce  
Takedown 2000
War, Inc.
  • War, Inc. (2008)
  • Action, Adventure, Comedy, Thriller
  • War Inc. is set in the future, when the fictional desert country of Turaqistan is torn by a riot after a private corporation, Tamerlane, owned by the former Vice President of the United States, has taken over the whole country. Brand Hauser, a hit man who suppresses his emotions by gobbling down hot sauce, is hired by the corporation's head to kill the CEO of their competitors.
  • Bande annonce  
War, Inc. 2008
House IV
  • House IV (1992)
  • Thriller, Horror
  • Roger Cobb (William Katt) is killed in a car accident. His family must move into the house that has haunted him for several years. Soon the family begins to experience scary and unexplained phenomena.
  • Bande annonce  
House IV 1992
Blood Money
  • Blood Money (2017)
  • Thriller
  • Three friends on a wilderness excursion must outrun a white collar criminal hellbent on retrieving his cash, but soon their greed turns them against each other. A modern re-telling of Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948).
  • Bande annonce  
Blood Money 2017
One Way
  • One Way (2006)
  • Crime, Foreign, Mystery, Thriller
  • To cover up his infidelities and protect his upcoming marriage, a star advertiser helps free an accused rapist by giving a false alibi and suffers the brutal revenge of the victim.
  • Bande annonce  
One Way 2006
  • Bats (1999)
  • Horror, Thriller
  • Genetically mutated bats escape and it's up to a bat expert and the local sheriff to stop them.
  • Bande annonce  
Bats 1999
  • Cobb (1994)
  • Drama
  • Al Stump is a famous sports-writer chosen by Ty Cobb to co-write his official, authorized 'autobiography' before his death. Cobb, widely feared and despised, feels misunderstood and wants to set the record straight about 'the greatest ball-player ever,' in his words.
  • Bande annonce  
Cobb 1994
  • Carnosaur (1993)
  • Horror, Science Fiction
  • After being driven to extinction, great bloodthirsty dinosaurs come back to life with the assistance of a demented genetic scientist. She plans to replace the human race with a super-race of dinosaurs who will not pollute the planet.
  • Bande annonce  
Carnosaur 1993
Desperate But Not Serious
  • Desperate But Not Serious (2000)
  • Comedy
  • Lily is a twenty-something aspiring writer who receives an invitation to attend a wedding reception with Jonathan, a handsome entomologist who also happens to be the man of her dreams. The only problem is that she's in San Francisco and the wedding is in L.A. Lily is therefore forced to enlist the aid of her friend Frances, an unrepentant party girl who has the L.A. nightclub scene wired. Their plans are completely derailed when they inadvertently lose the all important wedding invitation. This sets in motion an evening full of near misses with Jonathan, and thrusts Lily and Frances into a swarm of offbeat encounters with the underground Hollywood crowd. Off they go from club to club, from party to party and from boy to boy in an effort to find the wedding reception.
  • Bande annonce  
Desperate But Not Serious 2000
Fatal Charm
  • Fatal Charm (1990)
  • Thriller, Crime
  • Valerie's (Amanda Peterson) prosecutor mom is trying to put away Adam (Christopher Atkins), an alleged serial killer on trial for murdering six women. But he's so charming that the teenage Valerie just can't believe he really did it, and soon they begin sending each other letters. Adam is caught up in a jailbreak and ends up on the run.
  • Bande annonce  
Fatal Charm 1990
An L.A. Minute
  • An L.A. Minute ()
  • Best-selling author Ted Gold faces a moral dilemma when Velocity, an avant-garde performance artist and the living embodiment of integrity, rocks his 1% world.
  • Bande annonce  
An L.A. Minute
Wish You Well
  • Wish You Well (2013)
  • Family, Drama
  • A young girl and her brother come of age at their great grandmother's house in Virginia during the 1940s. After a family tragedy, a young girl moves from New York with your younger brother to live with their great grandmother on a Virginia farm and comes closer to understanding the land and roots that inspired her father's writings while discovering herself, the love of family, and the power of truly believing.
  • Bande annonce  
Wish You Well 2013
Watercolor Postcards
  • Watercolor Postcards (2013)
  • Drama
  • A Hollywood actress and a former NFL star strive to save a troubled Texas town while bonding over their shared love of a very special 10-year-old girl who has found herself alone in the world for the very first time.
  • Bande annonce  
Watercolor Postcards 2013
Skills Like This
  • Skills Like This (2007)
  • Comedy
  • Max Solomon faces the awful truth that he will never be a writer. So, in a desperate attempt to find his true calling, he turns to crime. In this inventive comedy, three friends have their lives turned upside down when one of them realizes that larceny might be his best skill.
  • Bande annonce  
Skills Like This 2007
Runaway Father
  • Runaway Father (1991)
  • Drama, TV Movie
  • A woman's husband leaves her and their three daughters. Years later she sets out to find him and get him to pay back child support.
  • Bande annonce  
Runaway Father 1991