Films de Gary Sefton

Saving Private Ryan
  • Saving Private Ryan (1998)
  • Drama, History, War
  • As U.S. troops storm the beaches of Normandy, three brothers lie dead on the battlefield, with a fourth trapped behind enemy lines. Ranger captain John Miller and seven men are tasked with penetrating German-held territory and bringing the boy home.
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Saving Private Ryan 1998
  • Faintheart (2008)
  • Romance, Comedy
  • A romantic comedy set in the world of battle re-enactments, about an irresponsible guy who has to shape up in order to win back his wife.
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Faintheart 2008
Elephant Juice
  • Elephant Juice (1999)
  • Romance, Drama
  • The story of Billy, Will, Jules, Daphne and Dodie, a group of people who prove that there are no secrets between friends. It all comes out in the end.
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Elephant Juice 1999