Films de Anne Randall

  • Westworld (1973)
  • Action, Adventure, Drama, Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller, Western
  • In a futuristic resort, wealthy patrons can visit recreations of different time periods and experience their wildest fantasies with life-like robots. But when Richard Benjamin opts for the wild west, he gets more than he bargained for when a gunslinger robot goes berserk.
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Westworld 1973
The Night Strangler
  • The Night Strangler (1973)
  • TV Movie, Horror, Mystery, Crime
  • After being run out of Las Vegas, Kolchak heads for Seattle and another reporting job with the local paper. It's not long before he is on the trail of another string of bizarre murders. It seems that every 21 years, for the past century, a killer kills a certain number of people, drains them of their blood and then disappears into the night. Kolchak is on his trail, but can he stop him?
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The Night Strangler 1973
  • Stacey (1973)
  • Action, Crime, Drama
  • The sleazy and dangerous adventures of a gorgeous female private detective.
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Stacey 1973
A Time For Dying
  • A Time For Dying (1969)
  • Western
  • Cass Bunning, a farm boy with a talent for shooting, meets up with Nellie, a naive woman from the East, who has been lured West by the promise of a waitressing job which turns out to be in a brothel.
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A Time For Dying 1969
Hell's Bloody Devils
  • Hell's Bloody Devils (1970)
  • Drama, Action, Crime
  • Bikers, Nazis, Mafiosi, and the FBI all clash in this wild and wooly exploitation picture from director Al Adamson. Mark Adams (John Gabriel) is an FBI agent who has been assigned to infiltrate an organized crime ring that has obtained a set of printing plates that will allow them to produce nearly perfect counterfeit 20-dollar bills. The plates were made in Germany during World War II, and were discovered by a radical right-wing group hoping to restore the Nazi Party to power. The American gangsters are in cahoots with a group of wealthy American neo-Nazis sympathetic to the new German cause, led by fugitive war criminal Count von Delberg (Kent Taylor); the count has in turn recruited a vicious motorcycle gang, the Bloody Devils, to do his dirty work.
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Hell's Bloody Devils 1970