Films de Sterling Hayden

The Godfather
  • The Godfather (1972)
  • Drama, Crime
  • Spanning the years 1945 to 1955, a chronicle of the fictional Italian-American Corleone crime family. When organized crime family patriarch, Vito Corleone barely survives an attempt on his life, his youngest son, Michael steps in to take care of the would-be killers, launching a campaign of bloody revenge.
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The Godfather 1972
The Asphalt Jungle
  • The Asphalt Jungle (1950)
  • Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • Recently paroled from prison, legendary burglar "Doc" Riedenschneider, with funding from Alonzo Emmerich, a crooked lawyer, gathers a small group of veteran criminals together in the Midwest for a big jewel heist.
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The Asphalt Jungle 1950
Nine to Five
  • Nine to Five (1980)
  • Comedy
  • Frank Hart is a pig. He takes advantage in the grossest manner of the women who work with him. When his three assistants manage to trap him in his own house they assume control of his department and productivity leaps, but just how long can they keep Hart tied up?
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Nine to Five 1980
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
  • Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964)
  • Drama, Comedy, War
  • Insane General Jack D. Ripper initiates a nuclear strike on the Soviet Union. As soon as the actions of General "Buck" Turgidson are discovered, a war room full of politicians, generals and a Russian diplomat all frantically try to stop the nuclear strike. Near the end is a scene that is probably the most uniquely unforgettable performance of Slim Pickens in his movie career. Peter Sellers plays multiple roles in this film.
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Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb 1964
Crime of Passion
  • Crime of Passion (1957)
  • Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • Kathy leaves the newspaper business to marry homicide detective Bill but is frustrated by his lack of ambition and the banality of life in the suburbs. Her drive to advance Bill's career soon takes her down a dangerous path.
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Crime of Passion 1957
The Long Goodbye
  • The Long Goodbye (1973)
  • Thriller, Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • Detective Philip Marlowe tries to help a friend who is accused of murdering his wife.
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The Long Goodbye 1973
  • Novecento (1976)
  • Drama, History, Romance
  • Set in Bertolucci's ancestral region of Emilia, the film chronicles the lives of two men during the political turmoils that took place in Italy in the first half on the 20th century.
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Novecento 1976
The Killing
  • The Killing (1956)
  • Drama, Action, Thriller, Crime
  • The Killing was Stanley Kubrick’s first film with a professional cast and the first time he achieved public recognition as the unconventional director he’s now known for. The story is of ex-prisoners who plan to set up a racetrack so they can live a life without monetary worries. One of the more exceptional films of the 1950’s.
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The Killing 1956
Johnny Guitar
  • Johnny Guitar (1954)
  • Drama, Western
  • On the outskirts of town, the hard-nosed Vienna owns a saloon frequented by the undesirables of the region, including Dancin' Kid and his gang. Another patron of Vienna's establishment is Johnny Guitar, a former gunslinger and her lover. When a heist is pulled in town that results in a man's death, Emma Small, Vienna's rival, rallies the townsfolk to take revenge on Vienna's saloon – even without proof of her wrongdoing.
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Johnny Guitar 1954
King of the Gypsies
  • King of the Gypsies (1978)
  • Drama
  • Zharko, leader of the Romanis in NYC, passes his position of leadership on to his unwilling grandson, Dave, leading to infighting between Dave and his father.
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King of the Gypsies 1978
Zero Hour!
  • Zero Hour! (1957)
  • Drama, Thriller
  • A routine flight turns into a major emergency as passengers and crew succumb to food poisoning - is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane? If that sounds vaguely familiar, it's because 'Airplane' was a send-up of this forerunner of the 1970s disaster movie. Written by Michael Brooke
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Zero Hour! 1957
  • Venom (1981)
  • Horror, Thriller
  • International terrorists attempt to kidnap a wealthy couples child. Their plan comes unstuck when a deadly Black Mamba, sent by mistake instead of a harmless snake, escapes and the terrorists and several hostages are trapped in the boy's London home.
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Venom 1981
  • Suddenly (1954)
  • Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • The tranquility of a small town is marred only by sheriff Tod Shaw's unsuccessful courtship of widow Ellen Benson, a pacifist who can't abide guns and those who use them. But violence descends on Ellen's household willy-nilly when the U.S. President passes through town... and slightly psycho hired assassin John Baron finds the Benson home ideal for an ambush.
  • Bande annonce  
Suddenly 1954
El Paso
  • El Paso (1949)
  • Western
  • Ex-confederate officer Clay Fletcher jumps at the chance to reunite with his once lady-friend, Susan Jeffers, when his father, Judge Fletcher, sends him on an errand to El Paso, Texas to get the signature of Susan's father, Judge Jeffers, on a legal document. Once there he finds the judge has become a drunk and a laughing stock, doing the bidding of local magnate Bert Donner and his running dog, Sheriff La Farge. Just as Clay starts straightening out the town's problems, events occur which force him to abandon the legal system and instead adopt the murderous tactics of a vigilante.
  • Bande annonce  
El Paso 1949
The Godfather Epic
  • The Godfather Epic (1977)
  • A seven-hours-plus adaptation of Francis Ford Coppola's "The Godfather" and "The Godfather, Part II" - with new scenes added and some old ones lengthened. Originally broadcast on the NBC television network in November of 1977, it was restored for high definition broadcast and presented uncensored nearly forty years later on HBO.
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The Godfather Epic 1977
Denver and Rio Grande
  • Denver and Rio Grande (1952)
  • Adventure, Western
  • Jim Vesser and his team of railroading men try to build a rail line through a mountain pass, while a group of less scrupulous construction workers sabotage the entire operation in the hopes that they can get their tracks laid first and get the money from the railroad.
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Denver and Rio Grande 1952
  • Loving (1970)
  • Drama, Romance
  • Brooks Wilson is in crisis. He is torn between his wife Selma and two daughters and his mistress Grace, and also between his career as a successful illustrator and his feeling that he might still produce something worthwhile.
  • Bande annonce  
Loving 1970
Kansas Pacific
  • Kansas Pacific (1953)
  • Western, Action
  • Just before the Civil War (but after the South has seceded), Southern saboteurs try to prevent railroad construction from crossing Kansas to the frontier; army captain Nelson is sent out to oppose them. As the tracks push westward, Nelson must contend with increasingly violent sabotage, while trying to romance the foreman's pretty daughter Barbara.
  • Bande annonce  
Kansas Pacific 1953
The Final Programme
  • The Final Programme (1973)
  • Thriller, Science Fiction, Comedy
  • After the death of his Nobel Prize-winning father, billionaire physicist Jerry Cornelius becomes embroiled in the search for the mysterious "Final Programme", developed by his father. The programme, a design for a perfect, self-replicating human being, is contained on microfilm. A group of scientists, led by the formidable Miss Brunner (who consumes her lovers), has sought Cornelius's help in obtaining it. After a chase across a war-torn Europe on the verge of anarchy, Brunner and Cornelius obtain the microfilm from Jerry's loathsome brother Frank. They proceed to an abandoned underground Nazi fortress in the Arctic to run the programme, with Jerry and Miss Brunner as the subjects.
  • Bande annonce  
The Final Programme 1973
Cipolla Colt
  • Cipolla Colt (1975)
  • Western
  • Onion Jack (Franco Nero) has bought a piece of land on which to settle, but the property is still in possession of the orphans of the original owner and is coveted by the local oil baron.
  • Bande annonce  
Cipolla Colt 1975
The Star
  • The Star (1952)
  • Drama
  • A washed-up movie queen finds romance, but continues to desire a comeback.
  • Bande annonce  
The Star 1952
Terror in a Texas Town
  • Terror in a Texas Town (1958)
  • Action, Western
  • Armed with a harpoon, a Swedish whaler is out for revenge after the death of his father. A greedy oil man trying to buy up the Swede's land might be the guilty party.
  • Bande annonce  
Terror in a Texas Town 1958
Hard Contract
  • Hard Contract (1969)
  • Crime, Romance
  • A cold hearted American hit man goes to Europe for 'one last score'. His encounter with a beautiful young woman casts self doubt on his lifeblood, and influences him to resist carrying out the contract
  • Bande annonce  
Hard Contract 1969
  • Shotgun (1955)
  • Western
  • a deputy U.S. Marshall pursue the gang of Ben Thompson after the murder of another marshall. Along with a bounty hunter and a half-breed woman they follow the trail into Apache territory.
  • Bande annonce  
Shotgun 1955
  • Valerie (1957)
  • Western
  • A rancher has to prove that he didn't kill his wife's parents. Clearly inspired by Rashomon, the film offers contradictory flashbacks during a lengthy trial.
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Valerie 1957
The Iron Sheriff
  • The Iron Sheriff (1957)
  • Western
  • Frontier peacekeeper Sheriff Galt (Sterling Hayden) faces a crisis of conscience in The Iron Sheriff. In the aftermath of a robbery-murder, Galt follows the trail of evidence directly to his own son, Benjie (Darryl Hickman). Sworn to uphold the law at all costs, Galt is grimly determined to see that Benjie will receive a fair trial without any coercion on his part. But the townsfolk have already decided that the sheriff will try to spring the boy, and a lynch-mob mentality slows festers its way through the community. As the trial proceeds, it becomes obvious that Benjie is going to hang for his alleged crime, but there's still one or two surprises in store.
  • Bande annonce  
The Iron Sheriff 1957
Crime Wave
  • Crime Wave (1954)
  • Crime
  • Reformed parolee Steve Lacey is caught in the middle when a wounded former cellmate seeks him out for shelter. The other two former cellmates then attempt to force him into doing a bank job.
  • Bande annonce  
Crime Wave 1954
The Eternal Sea
  • The Eternal Sea (1955)
  • War, Drama
  • Biography of Admiral John Hoskins' efforts to retain active command despite WW2 injury.
  • Bande annonce  
The Eternal Sea 1955
5 Steps to Danger
  • 5 Steps to Danger (1957)
  • Action, Thriller
  • Can a couple keep important secrets from Communist spies?
  • Bande annonce  
5 Steps to Danger 1957
The Come On
  • The Come On (1956)
  • Crime
  • A con woman tries to swindle her partner-in-crime husband with the help of one of her former marks. But is she to be trusted?
  • Bande annonce  
The Come On 1956