Films de Martin McDougall

The Fifth Element
  • The Fifth Element (1997)
  • Adventure, Fantasy, Action, Thriller, Science Fiction
  • In 2257, a taxi driver is unintentionally given the task of saving a young girl who is part of the key that will ensure the survival of humanity.
  • Bande annonce  
The Fifth Element 1997
Batman Begins
  • Batman Begins (2005)
  • Action, Crime, Drama
  • Driven by tragedy, billionaire Bruce Wayne dedicates his life to uncovering and defeating the corruption that plagues his home, Gotham City. Unable to work within the system, he instead creates a new identity, a symbol of fear for the criminal underworld - The Batman.
  • Bande annonce  
Batman Begins 2005
Edge of Tomorrow
  • Edge of Tomorrow (2014)
  • Action, Science Fiction
  • Major Bill Cage is an officer who has never seen a day of combat when he is unceremoniously demoted and dropped into combat. Cage is killed within minutes, managing to take an alpha alien down with him. He awakens back at the beginning of the same day and is forced to fight and die again... and again - as physical contact with the alien has thrown him into a time loop.
  • Bande annonce  
Edge of Tomorrow 2014
Saving Private Ryan
  • Saving Private Ryan (1998)
  • Drama, History, War
  • As U.S. troops storm the beaches of Normandy, three brothers lie dead on the battlefield, with a fourth trapped behind enemy lines. Ranger captain John Miller and seven men are tasked with penetrating German-held territory and bringing the boy home.
  • Bande annonce  
Saving Private Ryan 1998
Green Zone
  • Green Zone (2010)
  • War, Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller
  • During the U.S.-led occupation of Baghdad in 2003, Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller and his team of Army inspectors were dispatched to find weapons of mass destruction believed to be stockpiled in the Iraqi desert. Rocketing from one booby-trapped and treacherous site to the next, the men search for deadly chemical agents but stumble instead upon an elaborate cover-up that threatens to invert the purpose of their mission.
  • Bande annonce  
Green Zone 2010
Judge Dredd
  • Judge Dredd (1995)
  • Science Fiction
  • In a dystopian future, Dredd, the most famous judge (a cop with instant field judiciary powers) is convicted for a crime he did not commit while his murderous counterpart escapes.
  • Bande annonce  
Judge Dredd 1995
Alien Autopsy
  • Alien Autopsy (2006)
  • Comedy, Science Fiction
  • Humouristic reconstruction of the 1995 scandal when two British lads were accused of having faked a documentary from the Roswell incident in 1947.
  • Bande annonce  
Alien Autopsy 2006
Frank Herbert's Children of Dune
  • Frank Herbert's Children of Dune (2003)
  • Drama, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure
  • Under Paul ‘Muad'Dib’ Atreides' rule as Emperor, the planet Arrakis has enjoyed a renaissance. However, the revolution that Muad'dib inspired has transformed into a brutal jihad that has plunged all of humanity into a bitter, neverending cycle of interstellar war. Now a conspiracy on Arrakis threatens to rob Muad'Dib of his throne and his life.
  • Bande annonce  
Frank Herbert's Children of Dune 2003
Wicked Little Things
  • Wicked Little Things (2006)
  • Fantasy, Horror
  • Karen, Sarah, and Emma Tunney are all moving to a small town in Pennsylvania where, unknown to them, in 1913, a horrid mine accident trapped dozens of children alive, underground. But there's a problem. They're still alive.
  • Bande annonce  
Wicked Little Things 2006
Hyde Park on Hudson
  • Hyde Park on Hudson (2012)
  • Comedy, Drama, History
  • The story of the love affair between FDR and his distant cousin Margaret Stuckley, centered around the weekend in 1939 when the King and Queen of the United Kingdom visited upstate New York.
  • Bande annonce  
Hyde Park on Hudson 2012
The Girl in the Café
  • The Girl in the Café (2005)
  • Comedy, Drama, Romance, TV Movie
  • Lawrence, an aging, lonely civil servant falls for Gina, an enigmatic young woman. When he takes her to the G8 Summit in Reykjavik, however, their bond is tested by Lawrence's professional obligations.
  • Bande annonce  
The Girl in the Café 2005
Death Machine
  • Death Machine (1994)
  • Action, Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller
  • Chaank Armaments is experimenting with the ultimate fighting machine which is part human - part machine. So far, the Hardman project has been unreliable and has killed a number of innocent people. The genius behind this project is Jack who lives in a world of models, toys and magazines. When he is fired by Cale for killing a few corporate officers, he unleashes the ultimate killing machine called the 'Warbeast' against Cale and those who would help her.
  • Bande annonce  
Death Machine 1994
  • Down (2001)
  • Action, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
  • After the elevators at a New York City skyscraper begin inexplicably malfunctioning, putting its passengers at risk, mechanic Mark Newman (James Marshall) and reporter Jennifer Evans (Naomi Watts) begin separate investigations. Newman gets resistance from superiors at his company, which manufactured the elevator, while additional elevator incidents cause several gruesome deaths. The police get involved and suspect that terrorists are responsible, but a far stranger explanation looms.
  • Bande annonce  
Down 2001
  • Octopus (2000)
  • Action, Horror, Thriller
  • During the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, a Russian submarine strays into American waters. On board is a nuclear cargo destined for Castro. The Americans attack and destroy the sub. 38 years later US submarine Roosevelt is in the same waters. An unknown object attacks and disables the sub with devastating force and drags the vessel to the bottom of the ocean. What lies on the ocean bed beggars belief: dozens of wrecks, among them the sub destroyed 38 years ago. Whatever was on board has fed a creature of unbelievable size and strength! The only way out is the emergency submersible and a passing cruise ship. Above or below the water, there is no escape from the monster mutant octopus with a nuclear diet...
  • Bande annonce  
Octopus 2000
The Affair
  • The Affair (1995)
  • Drama, Romance
  • A black soldier in World War II England begins an affair with a white woman whose husband is a soldier currently overseas in battle and in doubts of her relationship with him as she discovered he had been having an affair with his secretary.
  • Bande annonce  
The Affair 1995
Last Run
  • Last Run (2001)
  • Frank Banner used to specialize in helping Soviet spies defect safely to the West. Banner's wife was shot to death aiding such an escape. Now, with the Cold War over, Banner is called upon to safely escort an ex-K.G.B. man who is wanted dead by both the CIA and the Russian Mafia
  • Bande annonce  
Last Run 2001
  • Submerged (2001)
  • Drama
  • A moment by moment account of the sinking and rescue of the crew of the submarine USS Squalus which was the first rescue of living crew on a submarine.
  • Bande annonce  
Submerged 2001
Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets
  • Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets (2004)
  • Documentary
  • A programme revealing the dangers and spectacles of exploring other planets in the Solar System. Join in the journey and dive below the ice of one of Jupiter's moons or get lost in a Venusian sulphuric acid storm...
  • Bande annonce  
Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets 2004