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  • みんなのいえ (2001)

  • Comedy, Foreign | Plus d'Info
  • Two newlyweds decide to build their dream home, and hire an old friend named Yanagisawa to design it. Unfortunately, Yanagisawa isn’t licensed to build homes, so they call in the wife’s father, a retired carpenter, to help out. When Yanagisawa’s contemporary ideas clash with the old carpenter’s traditional Japanese methods, the project becomes a huge mess.

  • Meilleurs acteurs
Naoki Tanaka en tant que Naosuke Iijima
Akiko Yagi en tant que Tamiko Iijima
Akira Shirai en tant que Suga
Kojiro Matsumoto en tant que Nagai
Jitsuko Yoshimura en tant que Mitsuyo Iwata
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