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Blind & Hässlich
  • Blind & Hässlich (2017)

  • Romance, Drama, Comedy | Plus d'Info
  • Ferdi thinks he's ugly – but likes the fact Jona is interested in him. Maybe because she's blind. What Ferdi doesn't suspect: She's just pretending to be blind to be able to live cheaply in subsidized housing. How long can she maintain her charade? Can love, which is supposed to make you blind, even work out that way? Director Tom Lass takes a closer look, shooting with blind actors and old Berlin buddies, acting the lead himself – paying tribute to a way of life beyond our way of seeing the world.

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  • Meilleurs acteurs
Tom Lass en tant que Ferdi
Dimitri Stapfer en tant que Björn
Peter Marty en tant que Hauswart
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  • Moritz Grove en tant que WG-Caster 1
  • [2014] Vaterfreuden
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  • Dietrich Brüggemann en tant que Tom Lass KFZ
    Jakob Lass en tant que Eddie
    Katharina Bellena en tant que verliebte Bäuerin Angela
    Franziska Breite en tant que WG-Casterin 7
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  • [2011] Masks
  • Fabian Passamonte en tant que Manfred
    Cornelius Schwalm en tant que verliebter Bauer Alexis
    Emilia von Heiseler en tant que Suzanne Verdal
  • [2015] Weinberg
  • Dietrich Brüggemann en tant que Tom Lass