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  • Deadline (2013)

  • A past curse. A present evil. Who will survive?
  • Thriller, Mystery | Plus d'Info
  • Kyle and Sarah are starting a life together in a renovated house, the same property where the original house burned down with its owner vanished a decade earlier. Despite rumors and warnings from others, the couple follows through with their move, only to encounter bizarre occurrences within the first night in their new home. When one of their friends soon disappears, Kyle and Sarah begin to suspect that they're the new targets of a cat-and-mouse game.

  • Meilleurs acteurs
Jules Willcox en tant que Sarah
Roman Mitichyan en tant que Mardig
Korrina Rico en tant que Christine
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  • [2015] Call Me King
  • [2015] The Ever After
  • [2013] Abstraction
  • Kristen DeLuca en tant que Veronica