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Death Screams
  • Death Screams (1982)

  • The last scream you hear... is your own!
  • Horror | Plus d'Info
  • Locals are celebrating the last night of carnival, such as newly in-love couple Bob and Kathy, coach, Neil Marshall, waitresses, timid blonde Lily and comely, nubile Ramona, their boss Jackson and learning difficulties teenage peeping tom Casey who's dad Avery is the town sheriff. Several them decide to spend the night down at the river, where a unknown double homicide climaxed there some nights before. But among the fairgoers is the one responsible for the deaths and as they are lurking in the shadows troubled over a tragic past (or just about one thing or another) deciding to take their frustrations out with a machete on those they blame for all the misfortunes in their life. Following the group back to their riverside stamping grounds they set about ensuring no one leaves the area alive.

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  • Meilleurs acteurs
Susan Kiger en tant que Lily Carpenter
William T. Hicks en tant que Sheriff Avery
Jody Kay en tant que Sandy
Andrea Savio en tant que Kathy (as Andria Savio)
  • [1983] Stryker
  • Helene Tryon en tant que Edna Sharpe
    Larry Sprinkle en tant que Ted