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Different Flowers
  • Different Flowers (2017)

  • A sister story
  • Comedy | Plus d'Info
  • Shelley Long returns to the big screen in a soaring debut from writer-director Morgan Dameron. Uptight Millie Haven (Emma Bell) has always followed the rules, but when she has doubts before her big Kansas City wedding, her attitude-prone little sister Emma (Hope Lauren), the least likely of heroes, comes to the rescue. They embark on a spontaneous roadtrip to their grandmother’s farm where, with the help of Grandma Mildred (Shelley Long), they rediscover their bond. They meet a local hunk with a heart of gold, and a host of only-in- the-Midwest characters as they pick up the pieces of Millie’s life. Though the road is rocky, ultimately Millie finds herself in the middle of nowhere. Millie’s journey is for anyone who’s ever wondered, what if? Different Flowers takes you on the road trip of a lifetime, full of growth, discovery, and above all, sisterhood.

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