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Don Camillo e l'onorevole Peppone
  • Don Camillo e l'onorevole Peppone (1955)

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  • Peppone, hardened mayor in Brescello, the small village on the Po river, aspires to become senator. Neither before or after WWII, where he fought against the Germans and fascists, he never went seriously to school, so he needs (at least) a diploma. Believe it or not, don Camillo helps Peppone to pass the examination (with the forecast of moving to Rome) prompting him the solution of geometry's problem. As implicit reward, Peppone writes a composition about "A man I'll never forget": obviously don Camillo, when Peppone was a resistant in WWII, and don Camillo the young military chaplain. Getting the diploma was the first step. The election campaign just started and the two big parties - Christian-democratic and Communist, forgetful of respective favors, settle down an electoral "war of the words", mean tricks (culminating with the famous horny Peppone/Lucifer) and easy propaganda.

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Giovanni Onorato en tant que il Lungo
Carlo Duse en tant que il Bigio
Aldo Vasco en tant que il mezzadro Tasca
Manuel Gary en tant que avv. Cerratini, delegato del PCI
Renzo Giovampietro en tant que il prigioniero ferito
Lamberto Maggiorani en tant que un cittadino democristiano