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  • EVA (2011)

  • You can't program what you feel.
  • Science Fiction | Plus d'Info
  • Set in 2041, humans of planet Earth now live side-by-side with androids. A well-known cybernetic engineer, Alex Garel, is tasked with an assignment to create a robot in the form of a human child. He returns home to begin his work and finds that his childhood love Lana has married his brother David. Their daughter Eva seems to possess a superior intelligence and powerful charisma that immediately captivates Alex. Looking for inspiration, Alex asks Eva to be the muse of the new robot, which challenges everything Alex ever thought he knew about robots and humans alike.

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  • Meilleurs acteurs
Alberto Ammann en tant que David Garel
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  • Sara Rosa Losilla en tant que Prototipo 519
    Jordi Díaz en tant que Médico
    Bernat Saumell en tant que Alumno Laboratorio #1