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Hand in Hand
  • Hand in Hand (1961)

  • Here is Drama That Will Open Your Eyes and Awaken Your Heart!
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  • Seven-year-olds Michael and Rachel are best friends who do everything together and who have vowed to remain friends "forever and ever and can't be parted for never and never." Unfortunately, the society that Michael and Rachel live in is one of religious intolerance. The fact that Michael is Irish Catholic and Rachel is Jewish is a point of conflict for just about everyone in the community. When the two young children are made aware of their ideological differences, it begins to tear apart their friendship, and they decide to test whose God is stronger. What they discover is that at the core, their religions really aren't that different from one another: both worship a God of love, not vengeance.

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Loretta Parry en tant que Rachel Mathias
Arnold Diamond en tant que Mr. Mathias
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