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  • Knallhart (2006)

  • Drama, Thriller | Plus d'Info
  • From the youth directed novel of the same name by Greogor Tressnow comes a film by Detlev Buck that is a realistic portrait of life in the section of Berlin called Neukölln. It’s about power and weakness, delinquents and victims, and the difficulties a 15-year-old faces in a poor and criminal environment.

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  • Meilleurs acteurs
Erhan Emre en tant que Hamal
Arnel Taci en tant que Crille
Hans Löw en tant que Kommissar Gerber
Hassan Chahrour en tant que Erols Gang Mitglied#3
Roland Florstedt en tant que Captain Nemo
Rebecca Hessing en tant que Erols Freundin
Franziska Jünger en tant que Simone
Fabian Krüger en tant que Rainer
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