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  • Proteus (1995)

  • In the middle of the ocean, a new form of horror is taking shape.
  • Thriller, Horror, Science Fiction | Plus d'Info
  • Group of heroin smugglers finds shelter on abandoned oil rig after their ship had exploded. Soon they find that the oil rig was just cover for biological experiment. One of the results is Charlie - shape-shifting monster with ability to absorb the memory of its victims. However, even such creatures have their own bad habits.

  • Avis
  • Meilleurs acteurs
Toni Barry en tant que Linda
William Marsh en tant que Mark
Jennifer Calvert en tant que Christine
Nigel Pegram en tant que Dr. Shelley
Johnie Chase en tant que Brinkstone's Chinese Guard
Jerry Grayson en tant que Brinkstone's Chopper Pilot
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  • Neil Finnighan en tant que Brinkstone's Armed Guard
    Tom Lucy en tant que Brinkstone's Armed Guard
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