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The Groundstar Conspiracy
  • The Groundstar Conspiracy (1972)

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  • Action, Crime, Mystery | Plus d'Info
  • A break-in and sabotage attempt occurs at a top secret research institute and the culprit is cornered and captured. The problem is that he's been badly injured and claims to have lost his memory entirely. A cat-and-mouse game ensues between investigator Tuxan, the mystery intruder Welles and the people who sent him on the mission.

  • Meilleurs acteurs
Cliff Potts en tant que Carl Mosely
Ty Haller en tant que Henshaw
Anna Hagan en tant que Dr. Plover
John Destry en tant que Zabrinski
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  • [1999] Dudley Do-Right
  • Don Granberry en tant que Technician
  • [1976] Death Weekend
  • Ed Collier en tant que Nicole's Doctor
    William Nunn en tant que Reporter
    Peter Lavender en tant que Reporter
    Barry Cahill en tant que Reporter