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The Substance of Fire
  • The Substance of Fire (1996)

  • Drama | Plus d'Info
  • Isaac Geldhart is a Holocaust survivor who, overcome by grief at the recent death of his wife, seems determined to run his publishing firm into the ground by printing books that have no hope of financial success. His son Aaron, who also works at the company, grows frustrated with Isaac's emotional decline and attempts to take over the firm. The resulting crisis involves Isaac's other two children, his daughter Sarah and his dying son Martin.

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  • Meilleurs acteurs
Elizabeth Franz en tant que Miss Barzakian
Adolph Green en tant que Mr. Musselblatt
Tom McDermott en tant que Old Printer
George Morfogen en tant que Otto the Printer
Andrew Pang en tant que Mr. Otani Jr
Edmund Ikeda en tant que Mr. Otani Sr
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  • Ronny Graham en tant que Louis Foukold
    John Sullivan en tant que Stewart
  • [1964] Zulu
  • David S. Howard en tant que Dr. Bernard Kramer
    Gregory Burke en tant que Young Martin Geldhart
    William Cain en tant que Mr. Cox
    John Christopher Jones en tant que Book Binder
  • [1999] The Hurricane
  • [1990] Awakenings
  • [1990] Desperate Hours
  • [1987] Moonstruck
  • Dick Latessa en tant que Mr. McCormack Sr
    Patrick Page en tant que Mr. McCormack Jr
    Kate Forbes en tant que Rizzoli Book Buyer
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  • [2015] The Longest Ride
  • [2013] The Sacrament
  • Barbara Eda-Young en tant que Reena Geldhart
  • [1973] Serpico
  • José Ramón Rosario en tant que Dennis the Tailor
    William Meisle en tant que Customer with Shoes
    Mary Fortune en tant que Art Student